About Us

IIGILIK FINANCE is currently a modern enterprise with its own production facilities, with a high level of technical and technological support and a wide range of products.

The company is constantly developing and mastering the mass production of new products.

Modern equipment, the use of materials and components from leading world manufacturers in combination with highly qualified personnel ensure high quality of products and allow for the development and mass production of a wide range of products in a short time.

The main types of electrical products manufactured by IIGILIK FINANCE are lamps for various purposes and panel equipment.

The company's investments in lighting technologies have made it possible to create a flexible production,

which is not inferior to European manufacturers in terms of the level and variety of technological equipment.

IIGILIK FINANCE pays great attention to product quality control not only at the final stage when the finished product leaves the factory, but also during production and assembly.

The quality control of manufactured products is carried out by the technical control bureau operating within the quality management department of the plant.

In addition, the quality of the lamps is entered by the materials and components used in production.


720028, Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek.


+ 996 9990 01677